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I have been feeling lately,- get out of the way you sense of writing in the right way!-, lets say I have been in the need to say and express how I feel. Not feeling of caring who’s reading, not even the worth of fame, and the though that I might like to save this memories on a disc.

And who will. Who will care for the desperation of a soul in need to have human care and warm with others by the beauty of writing her feelings? Seems to me another lost book for the future in which there will be no records found but a “we will never know ” quotation. And in just that moment, that second of the hesitation of never knowing and imagining whats that you will never know about me and feeling me just how I feel right now, searching for my thoughts and thinking how I live on a unknown era…that makes me happy.

Maybe that’s not right, maybe I’m sharing how I feel instead of saying how i want others to see me. I apologize if there might be some paragraphs that are not too long, some lines that might not have the correct symbols to express my idea. I promise ill be better. And with all of that, I smile.